wanted to send a note to you and your team thanking them for the excellent work and service my company has received. The equipment ordered comes in looking far better than remanufactured, seeming almost new. Each piece operates as it’s supposed to, with no surprise “catches” or “hitches” in the movement of mechanical parts. I feel completely confident putting my clients, many of whom are professionals and expect nothing but quality, on 4minutegym.net remanufactured equipment any day.

While the products received have been superb, the ordering experience has been as good if not better. After all, a great product received usually starts with excellent customer service. This is where 4minutegym.net shines, and my experience working with you and your team has been of this caliber through every order, large or small. It truly feels like a partnership as opposed to a normal customer-vendor relationship.

I plan to continue going to 4minutegym.net to outfit my personal training facilities. Keep up the great work!

Best Regards

Gabe Olmos
Owner, G Fit Plus
Visalia, CA

In this day and age, the fitness industry hides behind a facade of money and muscles. In some regards, passion for the sport almost ceases to exist. As sad as it is, money drives this industry in a cold greedy manner. Few genuine players are left in this sea of greed. Fortunately, coming across Deshaun lewis has reminded me that all hope is not lost. Even to this day, Deshaun resonates the passion and love for bodybulding and fitness. Deshaun’s humility to the sport and empathy for us as a small business made it a pleasure to work with him.

Working with Deshaun through each of our many equipment purchases at 4minutegym.net made me feel like my best interest was at the top of the priority list. Deshaun went out of his way to locate rare and unique equipment and exercised every possible measure to quote us the absolute best price. To this day, we have not found a more reliable and competitively-priced vendor.

Deshaun’s passion and love for the sports of weightlifting and bodybuilding are translated into his work as he represents 4minutegym.net. He illustrates diligence and tenacity, allowing him to rise to the top among his peers and stand out as a top-notch business professional. His humble and respectable personality is something to be admired in light of his illustrious career in this challenging industry. I highly recommend Deshaun with my utmost confidence. It has been a pleasure working with him and I intend to carry on my business with Deshaun lewis and 4minutegym.net for many years to come.

Thank you,
Edward Avakoff

Founder at West Coast Strength Enterprises, LLC
Metroflex Gym Long Beach

I just wanted to reiterate my appreciation for a job well done! As you may recall, I first ordered a Precor AMT from one of your competitors and notonly was it delivered to my house damaged once, but twice! Also, it just wasn’t in good overall condition…that’s when I called 4minutegym.net.

I was a little apprehensive but your willingness to send me pictures and view the machine personally gave me comfort that I would “get what I paid for”…and I have to tell you I wasn’t disappointed. The machine was pristine and might as well have been new.

I am definitely not in the habit of giving out references; on the contrary, I am usually raising havoc with a company due to what I consider to be poor performance. Customer service seems to be a lost art but I am happy to say you and 4minutegym.net have restored my faith that there are still companies out there that put me first!

Thanks again – I love the Precor….



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